Promotion of Blue-Collar Jobs

Zavod Multimedia Project by Azot Branch

In the Perm Territory, a unique multimedia project has been implemented that is aimed at the promotion of blue-collar and white-collar jobs among Russian youth. The project uses the format of a reality show in an industrial style. For five weeks, 16 participants have been competing for a number of jobs at the chemical plant. Positions include a remote control operator, an instrumentation technician, and a shift supervisor in one of the shops. The reality show was filmed at the actual chemical plant. About 50 specialists from the Perm, the state TV and radio broadcasting company, and plant employees worked on the creation of this show.

The target audience was highly engaged by creating an official website,, and a viewers’ contest to win a trip to Brazil. In the six weeks preceding New Year’s Eve, the audience for the project on VKontakte social media alone was more than 80,000 people.

The results of an annual sociological survey that was conducted upon completion of the project showed that the number of people who wanted to work at a chemical plant had more than doubled.

The Zavod project won the most prestigious regional award in the area of public relations, Silver Archer — Povolzhie—and became one of top three projects to receive the national award Silver Archer.

PMU Branch

Territorial industrial technical school and secondary school № 132 signed a trilateral agreement on implementation of a project for the creation of a system of efficient interaction in accordance with “Secondary School — Special Educational Institution — Employer” model starting from 2015. The focus of this agreement is increasing professional training for students and teachers of educational institutions, providing an introduction to state-of-the-art technologies and production experience, and promoting a shorter period of adaptation at the plant and a higher level of graduate involvement.

For the fourth year in a row, URALCHEMists, a TV quiz for high school students that is a joint project of URALCHEM, Perm Territory Ministry of Education, and Perm, is being successfully implemented.

Sponsored students and schoolchildren are permanent participants in sports contests organised by the plant. They also take part in charity and environmental initiatives.

“Our People” Project by Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers

The project includes a series of videos about the employees of Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers JSC and is being implemented by the Youth Council of Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers. Its main purpose is to share information about the company’s employees, as well as their work, life, and hobbies, while also underscoring the prestige of a blue-collar job and answering an important question: “Who is the modern worker?”

The project is very important from an informational standpoint. While watching these videos about real people, the viewers become more aware of the operations and history of the chemical plant along with the production processes, work of the main and supporting divisions, and the social and charitable activities of Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers.

The videos are shown to the new employees of the company through the orientation program and during introductory excursions for high school students in the city museum, thereby encouraging them to join the company.

The videos are also aired on local TV and published on the websites of the city and Voskresensk Region. One of the videos, “A Man of Labor”, which was organised by Sverdlovsk Studio, was sent to the first Russian Festival of TV and Internet Projects. In November 2015, the authors of the project won the Moscow Area Governor’s award “Our Moscow Area” in the “More than a Profession” category.