Environmental Responsibility

Our Company’s policy in the field of natural resource management and environmental safety ensures compliance with the highest international standards. URALCHEM holding companies work continuously to reduce ecological stress and improve the environmental safety of operations.

Our basic principles:

  • Compliance with requirements and norms set forth by law;
  • Implementation of the investment policy of rational natural resource use and environmentally safe operations during reconstruction and technical upgrades of production facilities;
  • Continuous and multi-level control of environmental impacts.

We invest significant capital and effort in introducing contemporary process units and systems of emissions and effluents treatment, manufacturing waste disposal, safe and rational use of mineral resources.

We perform our ecological management based on accordance with the current law of the Russian Federation, as well as internal regulations and management systems, by using the best management practices in the field of environmental safety.

Projects implemented by the company in the field of natural resource use and environmental protection:

Development and introduction of highly efficient purification technologies

We perform regular operations aimed at the introduction of highly efficient technologies for the reduction of amounts and concentrations of pollutants in the effluents disposed of during production operations. These include systems of biological and hardware-controlled multi-level treatment of effluents with recycling. We use in-house developments in the field of water treatment and the best international practices in this specialized area.

We implement projects for the modernization and reconstruction of existing and the introduction of new installations for cleaning industrial emissions in the production of our products, which allows us to reduce the amount of pollutants released into the atmospheric air.

Development and introduction of technologies for waste disposal and re-use

We support the rational use of raw materials and reduction of production of industrial waste. The Company implements actions aimed at ensuring the possibility of reusing waste, maximum involvement of the resulting by-products in the secondary turnover and separation of useful components for further use in production processes. Moreover, we work on the reclamation of waste storage facilities that were operated in the times of the USSR.

Development and introduction of technologies aimed at the improvement of efficient energy use

We support the efficient use and saving of energy. This policy forms the main channels for the generation of successful and rational programs for energy consumption management:

    • Competitive Ability: reduction of expenses on energy for technological processes.
    • Efficiency: generation and introduction of programs for energy consumption management in order to decrease specific energy consumption.
    • Technology: investments in the newest energy-efficient technologies that are optimal from the viewpoint of both ecology and economy.
    • Social Accountability: introduction of measures for energy efficiency improvement using any source of energy, including exhaust gases, to reduce the amounts of carbon-bearing gas discharged into the atmosphere during production operations.
    • Partnership: collaboration with our suppliers and customers in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency in all production operations.
    • Employee Involvement: encouragement of Company personnel to save energy at their workplaces.
    • Support: state policy in the field of efficient energy use.
Registration of produced substances pursuant to REACH system

On June 01, 2007, the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union (the EU) № 1907/2006 dated 18.12.2006 (REACH) came into effect. Pursuant to this Regulation, all chemicals, both individual and contained in mixtures and manufactured products, imported and used in the EU, are subject to mandatory registration with the European Chemicals Agency.

Considering our collaboration with companies situated in the territory of the EU member states, and understanding the importance of environmental safety and the safety of people’s lives and health, the Company takes abundant actions to ensure that the supplied products comply with the REACH requirements. Through its representative – URALCHEM Assist GmbH – the Company has registered its products exported to the EU countries and maintains contact with the main consortiums on these substances. We are working on updating all registration dossiers in accordance with the internal corporate changes and the new requirements of the European Chemicals Agency. We control the contents of the exported products, as well as their toxicological and eco-toxicological properties. We comply with the requirements of the new European regulation concerning the classification, packing, and labelling of the products, in addition to updating safety data sheets to comply with the latest requirements of Russian and international law.