URALCHEM, OJSC announces the decisions made at the Annual General Meeting of its shareholders (AGM) on 3 June, 2008.
On 24-25 May, 2008, Chemist’s Day, a professional holyday, was celebrated in Kirovo-Chepetsk and Berezniki. Over 60 thousand people took part in the celebration.
Revenue increased by 51% to US$ 700 million, operating profit increased by 208% to US$ 144 million, net profit increased by 159% to US$ 91 million.
Kirov, Tumen, Sverdlovsk, and Perm region heads as well as heads of the Udmurtian Republic and the Republic of Tatarstan expressed their gratitude to URALCHEM’s management for “stable and timely supplies of mineral fertilizers to agricultural producers” in these regions.
Azot (Berezniki, Perm region), a subsidiary of URALCHEM, has signed a partnership agreement for electrical energy supply with Vostok, a Moscow - based energy company.
On 26 March, 2008 Kirov region administration held a working meeting on the subject of “Priorities, results and prospects of environmental activities of URALCHEM”.
During 2008-2009 modernization of urea workshop will be carried out. There’s a plan to increase the capacity of urea synthesis reactor, and the scheme of synthesis fusion decomposition has already been changed.
Sergey N.Gurnakov’s main goal as Production Director of URALCHEM, OJSC will be resolving of production issues connected with the company’s further development.
The company represented a new group of mineral fertilizers produced by the enterprises of URALCHEM – KCCW, OJSC (Kirpovo-Chepetsk); Azot, OJSC (Berezniki). Compound fertilizers with high concentration of potassium and phosphorus as well as urea drew particular attention of the exhibition participants.
Register of URALCHEM is transferred to Registrator NIKoil