In total in 2023, Uralchem (the Company) allocated over RUB 3.5 billion for the financial of environmental projects.

The KCKK branch of Uralchem successfully implemented a technical improvement to add orthophosphoric acid to a nitrogen-phosphorus solution in the complex fertiliser production process. 
A relief shipment of 23,000 tonnes of fertilisers donated by Uralchem Group has been delivered to Zimbabwe. 
Uralchem and Uralkali took part in the demonstration day of the Digital Chemistry Forum held at the Chemistry Industrial Centre of Competences (ICC).

Uralchem allocated over RUB 1 billion for charity and sponsorship programmes in 2023.

Uralchem Group announces that a shipment of 23,000 tonnes of fertilisers donated to Zimbabwe has been fully offloaded at Beira port in Mozambique. 
Uralchem Group announces that 34,000 tonnes of potash it has donated to Nigeria has arrived at the country’s port of Onne where it is currently being offloaded.
The according plans were highlighted in Moscow at a meeting of the Russia-Nigeria Business Council, held on January 26th at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. 
Uralchem Group and Xinjiang Golden Pomegranate Agricultural Import and Export Co. LTD, a Chinese importer of mineral fertilisers, signed a memorandum of understanding. 

In 2023, the Company completed over 70 field tests of new products, and its product range now boasts 15 new products, with five more grades under development.