Uralchem Group and Xinjiang Golden Pomegranate Agricultural Import and Export Co. LTD, a Chinese importer of mineral fertilisers, signed a memorandum of understanding. 

In 2023, the Company completed over 70 field tests of new products, and its product range now boasts 15 new products, with five more grades under development.

Uralchem Group announces that a humanitarian shipment of over 34,000 tonnes of potash has been fully loaded onto a vessel in the port of Ventspils, Latvia, and is now en route to Nigeria.

Uralchem achieved a Group A (which is the highest group) ranking in the Sustainable Development Vector index and Group B+ ranking in the Responsibility and Transparency index.

Uralchem Group announces that a humanitarian shipment of over 23,000 tonnes of fertilisers for Zimbabwe has been fully loaded onto a vessel in the ports of Riga, Latvia, and Ghent, Belgium, and has started its journey to the port of Beira in Mozambique. 
Uralchem, one of the key suppliers of Russian mineral fertilisers to Africa, held a session titled ‘Fertiliser Market Stability as a Guarantee of Hunger Elimination in African Countries’ as part of the second Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum.
Uralchem and Uralkali took part in the first demonstration day of the Industrial Centre of Competence for the Chemical Industry in Cherepovets (Vologda Region, Russia). 
Uralchem became a co-founder of the AI Club in the Agribusiness Sector, the first association of such kind in Russia. The club will be supervising agricultural projects involving artificial intelligence (AI).

Uralchem (the Company) published its 2022 ESG Report, which reflects the key qualitative and quantitative results of the Company’s sustainability activities.


Uralchem and Uralkali became traditional partners of the 26th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) to be held on 14-17 June 2023 at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre in St. Petersburg, Russia.