URALCHEM Presents Innovative Products at the Golden Autumn – 2017 Exhibition

URALCHEM Presents Innovative Products at the Golden Autumn – 2017 Exhibition

As part of the Golden Autumn Russian Agricultural Exhibition, URALCHEM presented its innovative products – concentrated calcium nitrate, sulfonitrate NS 30:7 and water-soluble NPK with the addition of micronutrients.

Concentrated calcium nitrate is the flagship product of the water-soluble SOLAR fertilizer line developed under the import substitution program. It not only surpasses its foreign counterparts in quality, but is also unique to the world market. Other manufacturers have different brands of calcium nitrate, while URALCHEM’s product has a number of important differences that make it more attractive (and in some cases indispensable) to the consumer. Concentrated calcium nitrate mostly contains (compared to the products of other world producers) calcium nitrate as a chemical compound – not less than 98%, and does not contain other filler components.

Sulfonitrate NS 30:7 is intended primarily for farms growing grain and oilseed crops. It has unique properties; it contains 30 nutrient units of nitrogen and 7 units of sulfur. This combination ensures an increase in oil content in oilseeds, and in cereals increases the protein and gluten content of the grain. In addition, the application of NS 30:7 facilitates the transfer of phosphates from the inaccessible to the accessible state. It improves the commodity qualities of the products obtained, especially baking properties.

NPK with microelements, which is part of the water-soluble SOLAR line, ensure the high-quality nutrition of plants at all stages of growth. An important advantage of their use is the presence in the chemical composition of not only macro, but also trace elements. The high –phosphoric integrated fertilizer Start is used in the early stages of the growth and development of crops to stimulate the development of the root system, increase nutrient intake, produce crops, improve metabolic processes, as well as in the division and breeding of plant cells. Final with high potassium content is primarily used in the final stages of vegetation development. Its application contributes to the sustainability of field crops and vegetables cultivated in the open ground, to the conditions of drought at the end of the vegetation development, uniform maturation, better fruiting, improvement of taste quality, market quality, and quality of vegetable products. For the integrated nutrition of crops, the Universal is used at all stages of vegetation. It helps eliminate the effects of stress and adjust plant nutrition.

To meet the growing needs of the domestic market in its products and to provide the best possible logistics for consumers, the company has created and is actively developing an internal distribution network. The first sales bases opened in the autumn of 2016. At present, its private distribution network consists of nine bases: in Belgorod, Birobidzhan, Blagoveshchensk, Voskresensk, Yekaterinburg, Kropotkin, Sergach, Volgograd and Novosibirsk.