Uralchem Among the Co-Founders of the Artificial Intelligence Club

Uralchem Among the Co-Founders of the Artificial Intelligence Club

Uralchem became a co-founder of the AI Club in the Agribusiness Sector, the first association of such kind in Russia. The club will be supervising agricultural projects involving artificial intelligence (AI).

The first meeting of the club was attended by Uralchem, Rusagro, Sber, Gazprom Neft, Ak Bars Holding, Agrosila, Tavros, Digital Agro, Geomir, Smart Agro and other companies. The participants discussed the key directors for the future development of the club: approval of standards for assessing machine learning models; evolution of a talent development system; improvement of the regulatory and subsidy framework for AI solutions; and standardisation of mineral fertiliser application guidance services.

Vladimir Averbakh, Sberbank Senior Management Director and Head of AI National Development Department:

The directions that we agreed to implement during the meeting of the club are capable of bringing fundamental changes to the agroindustrial complex. As a centre of AI competence and as a co-founder of the AI Alliance, Sberbank is willing to be a partner of the agribusiness for the future initiatives.

Tatyana Surdina, Uralchem Marketing Director:

AI-based products and services for the agribusiness have a strong influence on the operating efficiency of agricultural producers. Amid the current shortage of industry talents, these solutions may completely exclude human factor from the production process. These goals will not be achieved unless major players join their efforts, and so we welcome every participant of this club.


The AI Club in the Agribusiness Sector was established within the AI Alliance, which unites leading technology companies seeking to develop artificial intelligence in Russia and ensure the leadership of Russia and members of the AI Alliance in the global technology market.