Uralchem and Uralkali Attend the First Demo Day at the Industrial Centre of Competence

Uralchem and Uralkali Attend the First Demo Day at the Industrial Centre of Competence
Uralchem and Uralkali took part in the first demonstration day of the Industrial Centre of Competence for the Chemical Industry in Cherepovets (Vologda Region, Russia). Held with the participation of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and under the auspices of Digital Economy, a special platform for private and public cooperation, the event focused on seeking import substitution opportunities in the chemical sector in Russia. 

The members of the centre discussed the IT landscape for an end-to-end digitisation of key processes, review the main needs of the industry, shared their experience in implementation of projects and use of technologies, and demonstrated successful solutions.

In particular, Uralchem arranged a series of start-ups, which presented their solutions for other members of the centre. In turn, Uralkali shared its experience in improving reliability of repairs and maintenance through the use of digital services – a SafePlant system and mobile walk-overs.

Uralkali also presented an engineering data management system, which it used to increase the level of automation in investment activities. The system helps improve economic efficiency of investment projects by eliminating information gaps between life cycle stages of a project and also between departments involved in the process.

Another demonstration by Uralkali was the company’s proprietary mining and geological information system (MGIS). The system creates a single structured information space for geological data and is currently used during the development of the Verkhnekamskoye deposit of potassium and magnesium salts in Russia’s Perm Region. MGIS also contains information about rock layers, quality of ore, mined-out and backfilled cavities, underground workings, mining machines, as well as other important data. The system is especially useful in the monitoring of mining areas with a complicated geological structure.

Aleksey Bondarenko, Uralchem Head of Digital Innovations Unit:

This format of meeting enables all members of the industrial centre of competence, including Uralchem and Uralkali, to jointly implement sectoral projects and achieve technological independence. This will help industrial companies to achieve the highest possible efficiency of key business processes and maintain market leadership.


In total, 35 Industrial Centres of Competence (ICC) for different industries have been created across Russia, all seeking to substitute foreign digital products and services for domestic solutions. The centres have a consortium-type model and integrate developers, producers and customers of digital products.

The work of the ICCs is coordinated by the Governmental Commission on Digital Development and Use of IT to Improve Quality of Life and Conditions for Entrepreneurial Activities.

The ICC for the Chemical Industry unites 19 companies with a selected portfolio of nine important projects to develop software and hardware products and solutions for the sector.

The centres and their coordinating sectoral committees review the industries’ demand for digital products, and also raise and distribute financing between priority projects. Membership in an ICC creates certain benefits for both designers and customers of projects.