URALCHEM is one of top three performers in Russia


Moscow, Russia - November 29, 2012. URALCHEM OJSC has been ranked as one of the three most effective companies in Russia during the period of 2010-2011.

The Russian consulting company SHAG has ranked the performance of 30 domestic companies from 17 industries. The positions in the rating have been determined by a Turnover-to-Personnel index (TP-index), indicating the ratio of a company’s annual turnover to the number of its employees.

URALCHEM’s TP performance grew by 57.9% in 2011 compared to 2010, while the average growth rate of all the companies assessed in the survey was 20.2%. The company has also demonstrated the biggest performance growth rate among all Russian fertilizer manufacturers. This has come about as a result of the company’s efforts to launch new technologies, to optimize business processes and to improve human resource management.