Information for farmers

Winter wheat mineral nutrition:

  • Winter wheat is sensitive to soil acidity, the best rate is рН 6?7,5. On acid soils it is better to apply calcium ammonium nitrate for winter wheat. It is very important not to overfeed winter wheat crops with nitrogen in fall.
  • With nutrition, winter grain crops shoot, bushing and vegetation renewal stages are the most critical.
  • About 30% of the yield is determined by the natural soil nitrogen and 70% - by the nitrogen from mineral fertilizers.
  • Phosphorus stimulates the root system development, potassium brings bushing along. Shortage of these elements at the primary stage of development irreversibly reduces the yield by 15?20%.
  • Sulphur application improves the baking characteristics of wheat and increases clay content. Besides, Sulphur increases the effectiveness of the use of nitrogen by plants.
  • Microelements should also be applied at the following rates: zinc – 0,5 kg/ha and copper – 0,5 kg/ha.

Fertilization standards for yield crop of 40c/ha:

Removal of nutrients with the planned crop yield N – 115, P – 45, K – 80.

  • Taken up from soil: N –30, Р – 15, К – 30.
  • Mineral fertilizers required: N – 85, Р – 30, К – 50.
    • Nutrients taken up by plants from mineral fertilizers: N – 65%, P – 20%, K – 50%
  • To apply considering indexes:
    • Nitrogen – 130 kg/ha, that is 370 kg/ha in ammonium nitrate equivalent,  480kg/ha in calcium-ammonium nitrate equivalent, 370 kg/ha in nitrogen sulphate 32?0?0?5 equivalent, or 480 kg/ha in NPK 27?6?6?2 equivalent.
    • Phosphorus – 50 kg/ha*
    • Potassium – 100 kg/ha*

Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers application standards are estimated in terms of content of nutrition elements in a certain sort of fertilizer.

Split application system is the most effective:

  • Fall presowing application – 30?40% of the estimated volume (140?190 kg/ha NPKS 27?6?6?2 or 110?150 kg/ha ammonium nitrate or nitrogen sulphate 32?0?0?5); 
  • Spring application in the beginning of growth revival –  30?40% (110?150 kg/ha of ammonium nitrate or nitrogen sulphate 32?0?0?5);
  • Additional nutrition at the booting stage – 20?30% (urea-ammonium blend solution);
  • Phosphorus and potassium are applied prior to sowing during the basic cultivation;
  • The best fertilizers for presowing application and additional nutrition are:
    • Ammonium nitrate,
    • Calcium-ammonium nitrate,
    • Sulphate-nitrate of ammonia (nitrogen sulphate),
    • Complex mineral fertilizers (NPK 27?6?6?2).

Mineral fertilizers rather then bulk blends are preferable to apply to winter wheat.