Anti-corruption programmes

Message from Uralchem’s CEO Dmitry Konyaev

Dear colleagues and partners!

Solid reputation and transparency of business is the key to our Company’s success. We strictly observe applicable laws, adhere to equal competition principles, fulfil all our obligations in good faith, and continuously support and improve our corporate culture serving to ensure transparency of our business across all aspects.

Uralchem runs an anti-corruption policy that applies to all of its entities. The document is aligned with the Federal Law ‘On combating corruption’. The policy defined and regulates the key requirements to the Company’s relations with counterparties, partners and government bodies. This policy is binding on all employees of the Company regardless of their position.

Checking compliance with the anti-corruption policy is a responsibility of Uralchem’s Legal Directorate and Revision Commission, which both employ necessary experts.

Also, to ensure the safety and transparency of our business, we pay a lot of attention to our procurement activities. The procurement system was launched jointly with SAP Ariba, a leading electronic platform, and makes it possible to monitor transactions across all contracts and thus help establish and maintain reliable and open relationships with our partners.

To support our corporate culture, we offer timely training to our employees and regularly inform them about changes in internal regulations and national legislation.

Finally, the Company set up a special hotline for reporting any facts of fraud, corruption, breaches of law and other negative acts committed by Uralchem’s employees and partners. For our part, we guarantee anonymity, security and, if necessary, feedback to all who reach us via the hotline.