Water resources

Uralchem ​​has made a commitment to use water resources rationally. The Company significantly reduces volumes and thoroughly purifies wastewater that is discharged into water bodies. Each Company’s facility regularly monitors the amount of pollutants in wastewater engaging accredited laboratories and processes wastewater using its own resources or involving third parties. Businesses regularly monitor water intake and wastewater discharges, keep records of the use of technical and potable water.

There is no shortage of water resources in the regions of Uralchem's operation. Over the past four years, the Company has not registered any incidents that would have been related to the use of water resources and resulted in costs or loss of potential income amounting to more than USD 10,000.

The plants annually develop an environmental action plan that defines water resource management initiatives. The key areas of Uralchem's activities in this area are as follows:
  • reuse water resources, maintain the operability of the circulating water supply system
  • prevent the ingress of pollutants into water circulation cycles and sewerage systems
  • reduce the concentration of pollutants in wastewater, repair and upgrade treatment facilities
  • apply reverse osmosis plants
  • perform green upgrades in order to reduce water consumption in processes