URALCHEM presents a new unique product at SPIEF

URALCHEM presents a new unique product at SPIEF

A presentation of a new water-soluble product developed as part of the import substitution programme – concentrated calcium nitrate, a flagship product of the SOLAR line – has been held at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum at the joint stand of URALCHEM - Uralkali.

In order to diversify their product range and develop new products, URALCHEM constantly monitors the needs of customers for various kinds of products. In 2013, the production of concentrated calcium nitrate at a capacity of 40,000 tonnes per year started at KCCW Branch. The product quickly found consumers both in agriculture (fertilizer of concentrated calcium nitrate) and other industries (premium anhydrous calcium nitrate). Therefore, in 2016, two new production lines for this product were commissioned. At present, the production capacity is 141,000 tonnes per year.

Dmitry Konyaev, CEO of URALCHEM: ‘In order to diversify our product range and develop new products, URALCHEM continuously monitors the interest of consumers in premium products. By commissioning production capacities for concentrated calcium nitrate as part of the import substitution programme, we have expanded the Russian market for this product several times. Its quality, which we closely monitor, has already been noted in various sectors of the economy. The use of calcium nitrate in agriculture, as well as in the oil and gas and mining industries, has been constantly growing, while imports have been declining.’

It is important to understand that concentrated calcium nitrate by URALCHEM not only surpasses foreign analogues in its quality, but it is also unique for the world market. Product ranges of other manufacturers include other grades of calcium nitrate, while the URALCHEM's product has a number of important distinguishing features that make it more attractive (and in some cases indispensable) to the consumer. Concentrated calcium nitrate contains more calcium nitrate (in comparison with products of other international manufacturers) as a chemical compound – not less than 98% – and does not contain other components.

In order to meet the growing market demand for its products and provide the most convenient logistics for consumers, URALCHEM is actively developing its internal distribution network. The first sales centres opened in the autumn of 2016. At present, URALCHEM's own distribution network includes centres in Belgorod, Birobidzhan (the Jewish Autonomous Region), Blagoveshchensk (Amur region), Volgograd, Voskresensk (Moscow region), Yekaterinburg, Kropotkin and Tikhoretsk (Krasnodar region), Novosibirsk, Sergach (Nizhny Novgorod region).