URALCHEM celebrates its 10th anniversary

URALCHEM celebrates its 10th anniversary

URALCHEM celebrates the tenth anniversary of its founding. To date, URALCHEM is one of the largest companies in the mineral fertilizer market in Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe.

During its ten years of operations, URALCHEM has achieved impressive results – the Company ranks first in Russia for the production of ammonium nitrate and second for the manufacture of nitrogen fertilizers, ammonia and urea. Over the years, URALCHEM has almost tripled its output. According to the 2016 results, the Group’s commercial output was 6.063 million tonnes, which was a record for the Company. URALCHEM’s output since 2007 has totalled 55.7 million tonnes.

URALCHEM boasts extensive and constantly upgraded production facilities and actively invests in manufacturing development. In 2016, the Company’s KCCW Branch completed a major investment project on the technical re-equipment of the anhydrous calcium nitrate production, the quality of which exceeds the best world standards. PMF Branch successfully upgraded its ammonia plant and significantly increased the average daily output. Azot Branch completed the upgrade of the 1B ammonia plant, boosted its capacity and started commercial production of higher aliphatic amines as part of the national import substitution programme. Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers began commercial production of water-soluble fertilizers. As a result, a unique process scheme for the manufacture of water-soluble MAP from wet-process phosphoric acid, which has no analogues in the world, was developed. In just ten years, URALCHEM’s investments have amounted to more than 56 billion rubles.

URALCHEM regularly updates its product range, and now it includes over 80 items, being one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Along with fertilizers, URALCHEM also produces raw materials for industrial needs. The Company's products are supplied to more than 70 countries.

The Company’s own railcar fleet and port facilities guarantee reliable deliveries of products to customers around the world. URALCHEM-TRANS division, established in 2007, ensures safe and secure transport and has significantly enhanced the efficiency of logistics schemes through the creation of a unified park and a single centre responsible for transport services to URALCHEM enterprises. Over ten years, the volume of URALCHEM’s traffic has risen by 73%. The Company’s railcar fleet has expanded by 428% - from 816 (2008) to 4,311 cars (as of June 2017). The share of its rolling stock has increased from 17% (2008) to 55% (2017). Currently, URALCHEM-TRANS manages over 7,500 railcars of various types.

Environmental safety and the conservative use of natural and energy resources are among the Company's top priorities. At URALCHEM, we actively seek to minimise our industrial wastewater discharge and ensure the best possible water treatment with state-of-the-art, multi-level water treatment and re-use systems. Last year, the most important event relating to environmental protection was the completion of the construction of the biological treatment facilities (BTF) at Azot Branch in Berezniki (Perm region). The total cost of the project was 700 million rubles. For the past ten years, over 2.5 billion rubles have been invested in environmental projects.

In its operations, URALCHEM implements the principle of social responsibility. The most significant activities in this area are the support of the regions where we operate. The Company contributes to the social and economic development of the territories as a large taxpayer, employer and partner of government bodies and public organisations by solving urgent regional development problems. Since 2007, our sponsorship and charitable projects have received financing of about 3.4 billion rubles.