URALCHEM is the first in Russia to be certified according to the Protect & Sustain standard

URALCHEM is the first in Russia to be certified according to the Protect & Sustain standard

PMF Branch of JSC URALCHEM in Perm has become the first Russian industrial company to be certified according to the Protect & Sustain standard introduced by the International Fertilizer Association (IFA). The auditors of the Swiss company SGS, the certification body approved by the association, praised the company's work in the field of compliance with the requirements of the best international standards.

Protect & Sustain was developed by the members of the International Fertilizer Association with the participation of invited auditors and is a worldwide standard in the organization and management of fertilizer production. IFA guarantees that all companies certified under the Protect & Sustain programme adhere to high industry standards in the field of environmental protection, safety and occupational health in the production of chemical products.

Protect & Sustain, similar to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, addresses aspects related to quality management, occupational health and environmental regulations. It also, in many respects, echoes the requirements of the technical specification RC14001, which formulates the requirements for the management systems of organizations operating in the chemical industry. The Protect & Sustain standard is unique because it takes into account the specifics of production, logistics and application of fertilizers, and also includes product safety issues.

During the audit, such areas of activity as the management system, product development and planning, management of suppliers and contractors, production, supply chain, marketing, sales and application of products were assessed.

Dmitry Konyaev, CEO of JSC URALCHEM:

‘URALCHEM is the first and so far the only producer of mineral fertilizers in Russia, which has passed the IFA certification under the Protect & Sustain standard. Moreover, in the whole world, only about 40 companies have successfully passed this procedure. Among them are such leading producers of mineral fertilizers as Yara, Agrium, Prayon and PotashCorp. This became possible due to the serious work on the introduction and development of an integrated company management system conducted for several years. URALCHEM pays special attention to sustainable development principles and intends to continue working on compliance with advanced international standards.’

Olga Martyanova, Head of Implementation of Special Audits and Projects in Russia, SGS Certification and Intensification Department:

‘Based on the audit results, PMF Branch of JSC URALCHEM in Perm is recommended for certification under the Protect & Sustain standard with the wording “IFA product steward excellence”, which shows an excellent level of product management. The company's employees have been able to demonstrate that the issues of safety, health and the environment are integrated into the corporate policy and have been given exceptional attention and priority. Chemically hazardous production facilities are associated with very serious risks and stringent requirements. The company is good at assessing these risks, managing them and manufacturing high-quality products, ensuring the stability of production activities, and thereby the stability of product supplies to the consumers.’

In 2016, the PMF Branch of JSC URALCHEM in Perm was also among the first successfully audited companies for compliance with new versions of ISO 9001 2015, ISO 14001 2015 and OHSAS 18001 2007 international standards.