URALCHEM presented high-tech products at SPIEF

URALCHEM presented high-tech products at SPIEF

URALCHEM presented its high-tech products at this year's St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Included in the display were various forms of modified urea – low-biuret and micro-prilled. Low-biuret urea is a multi-purpose product that has proven itself both in the agriculture industry and in industry overall. In the former case, urea is used for foliar application, which allows for the significant improvement in the quality of the grain, increasing the protein and fibrin content. As a raw material, low-biuret urea is used in the production of plastics, adhesives and urea-formaldehyde resins for the manufacture of wood boards and plywood, and also as a component additive to mitigate the effects of exhaust gases of production plants and Diesel engines. The low content of biuret and heavy metals makes the product safe for plants and humans. The urea production is certified according to the international standards of ISO and the International Fertilizer Association (IFA).

Micro-prilled urea is ideal for the preparation of water-soluble fertilizer mixtures with high homogeneity, non-caking and non-flaking properties.

At the moment, inhibited urea is also being tested.

Forum visitors enjoyed the presentations related to sulphonitrate and nitrophosphate produced by URALCHEM – effective derivatives of ammonium nitrate. Sulphonitrate NS 30:7, when used for grain crops, can substantially increase the content of gluten and protein in the grain, thereby improving its quality and class. In oil plants, not only the yield but also the oil content increases.

Nitrophosphate with a starter dose of readily available phosphates helps improve economic performance when cultivating both spring and winter crops.

Also at the event, the Aqua Drop line (for fertigation purposes) was presented. The use of fertigation (drip irrigation with dissolved fertilizers) optimises water consumption and mineral nutrition of plants. Fertilisers of the Aqua Drop line have no comparators in Russia and are not inferior to foreign products; however, they are much cheaper.