URALCHEM took part in the Zolotaya Niva exhibition

URALCHEM took part in the Zolotaya Niva exhibition

URALCHEM participated in the Zolotaya Niva agricultural exhibition, which took place from 22 to 25 May in the Krasnodar region.

The company took part in the event for the second straight year and presented at its booth an entire range of products - from traditional fertilizers to innovative water-soluble products of the SOLAR range.

This year, visitors paid particular attention to water-soluble NPK with micronutrients, which are widely used by farmers for foliar feeding.

'A year ago we had to explain in detail to the visitors that complex NPK fertilizers are not just well-known bulk products, but also include water-soluble fertilizers with micronutrients used for foliar application to improve the quality of finished goods,' Alexandra Sandzhieva, Marketing Manager of the Product Promotion Department, said. 'Today, they come straight to URALCHEM's booth and ask where to buy NPK Micro,' she added.

The Zolotaya Niva exhibition unites all leading agricultural sectors – agricultural machinery, cattle breeding and crop production – which allows participants to display products and gives the opportunity to sign lucrative contracts.