URALCHEM allocated 270 million rubles for environmental, energy and resource-saving projects

URALCHEM allocated 270 million rubles for environmental, energy and resource-saving projects

In 2017, URALCHEM continued financing activities related to environmental protection, energy savings and resource conservation. Priority targets in these areas are the minimisation of the negative impact on the environment, as well as the rational use of natural and energy resources. In total, 270 million rubles were allocated for these purposes last year.

The Company regularly improves its production processes, upgrades and renovates treatment facilities and exercises industrial and analytical control of emissions of harmful substances generated in the course of production activities. Due to the efficient energy and resource-saving policy, URALCHEM achieved a significant reduction in energy consumption, i.e. in the amount of natural gas and electricity used per tonne of products.

In 2017, the Azot Branch replaced the filter elements of the units in the granular ammonium nitrate production area and purchased an additional plant that uses removal heat. Installing seal oil in the compressor and reconstructing the No. 5 water circulation cycle helped reduce the discharge of oil products and the loss of fresh water in the ammonia production area. A U-shaped refrigeration condenser was installed in the weak nitric acid production area. The reconstruction of the inlet channels of the aeration tanks and technical refurbishment of the effluent pipelines by replacing the reinforcement elements are also under way.

At the KCCW Branch, in order to improve the reliability of the gas cleaning equipment, comprehensive work on the reconstruction of the gas cleaning systems and replacement of the smoke exhausters, fans and gas ducts continues. To minimise the amount of wastewater and to allow for the re-use of water resources, the treatment facilities of the No. 64 production area are being refurbished. Also, wells and sewage pipelines were replaced to eliminate wastewater spills.

The PMF Branch replaced filters and repaired individual parts of the units in 2017. Last year, the branch set a new resource conservation record by achieving the minimum specific consumption of natural gas ever achieved in the history of the plant. The average consumption of natural gas per tonne of ammonia produced at the PMF Branch was 1024 m3 with a target figure of 1030.7 m3. As a result, the Perm subdivision managed to record savings in gas consumption totalling 15 million rubles.

JSC Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers repaired the gas flue and associated equipment of the No. 2 ammophos production area. VMF implemented a number of measures aimed at protecting water resources; in particular, the shoreline of the water collectors was cleaned, the fish protection structure was repaired, the No. 3 and 4 primary settling tanks were overhauled and the aeration system in the aeration tank was replaced. The company is also engaged in sewage treatment servicing two districts of the Moscow region.

In 2017, URALCHEM subdivisions implemented 23 energy-saving measures, including the upgrade and reconstruction of the most energy-intensive production units: electric equipment, lighting systems, water cycles, pipelines of the water supply and disposal systems, heat devices and energy metering points for the main flows. The expected economic benefit from such energy-saving measures is approximately 50 million rubles per year.

Since its establishment, URALCHEM has adhered to the concept of sustainable development, with the energy saving and resource conservation policy as its main component. To solve the problems associated with the effective use of energy and resources, the Company introduced a five-year program, which will run until 2020.