URALCHEM invested almost 680 million roubles in charitable programmes

URALCHEM invested almost 680 million roubles in charitable programmes

In 2018, URALCHEM Group allocated 679.9 million roubles for charitable programmes. This amount represents a 23% increase year-on-year.

URALCHEM’s charitable and sponsorship activities are divided into six areas with the following dedicated programmes: URALCHEM to Children, URALCHEM to Veterans, URALCHEM to Regions, URALCHEM to Education and Science, URALCHEM to Cultural Traditions and URALCHEM to Sport.

URALCHEM units registered the following charitable and sponsorship expenses in 2018: URALCHEM, JSC spent 454.4 million roubles; KCKK Branch spent 113.9 million roubles; Azot Branch spent 82.7 million roubles; Perm Mineral Fertilizers, JSC spent 11.6 million roubles; Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers, JSC spent 6.3 million roubles.

URALCHEM to Children

One of the largest charitable projects of URALCHEM is the support of the Kadetstvo federal programme together with the Foundation for Civil Society Development, since 2013. The programme involves the creation and development of a cadet corps network in Russia, the training of future personnel for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and law enforcement agencies and the upbringing of the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism.

In 2018, URALCHEM Group granted 30 million roubles to the educational foundation Talent and Success, which is engaged in supporting children gifted in arts, sport and science.

URALCHEM companies closely cooperate with educational institutions in the regions. Under the framework of the URALCHEM to Children Programme, every year KCKK Branch helps repair sponsored kindergartens and schools in the region. The financial support makes it possible to buy new training equipment and engage university professors in the education of pupils from Kirovo-Chepetsk.

Thanks to PMF Branch, the ecology room was repaired and equipped with digital equipment in sponsored School No. 132 in Perm.

In the city of Voskresensk, Moscow region, students of the Khorlovo boarding school for disabled children received new appliances and furniture for their residential buildings with the assistance of VMF. Azot Branch sponsored Kindergarten No. 3 in purchasing prizes for the city’s open family creativity festival. In addition, financial assistance was given to the children's dance group Jam for repairing the heating system in new classrooms, along with Ballet School-Theatre in Berezniki and School No. 12.

URALCHEM to Veterans

In 2018, URALCHEM allocated 30 million roubles for charitable activities of the national foundation Unity. This organisation develops social support programmes for various social groups, including veterans. In addition, financial support was provided to the Russian Association of Heroes, which includes Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation and full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory, residing in 55 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, in addition to honoured workers of the chemical industry and veterans' organisations of law enforcement and security agencies.

The Company continued to sponsor veterans’ associations of plants, providing financial assistance and helping with the rehabilitation of retirees. The Group reimburses for the costs of health resort trips, supports sport and creative activities of former employees and holds cultural events for honoured retirees.

URALCHEM to Regions

In 2018, KCKK Branch, in partnership with the administration of Kirovo-Chepetsk, continued the Safe City programme consisting of various activities aimed at improving the crime situation. Another important event is the annual Good Harvest campaign held in the region. Women aged 55 and older receive free fertilizers produced by KCKK Branch for their garden plots. In addition, the plant assisted in the implementation of local initiatives: in 2018, with the support of URALCHEM, 11 projects were completed. The Branch regularly allocates funds for competitions, events and city holidays.

Azot Branch traditionally supported the Leaders’ League, a regional youth movement. The unit allocated funds for environmental campaigns, volunteer work with the elderly and disabled and other city and regional campaigns and events. Azot also supports the cultural and sport centre of the same name. In 2018, it helped with the renovation of the sport hall and the installation of an electronic scoreboard in the Sport Palace.

In addition, assistance is regularly provided to the environmental organisation Committee of Environmental Rescue of Berezniki engaged in urban environmental activities. Every summer, Azot Branch finances citywide celebrations of the City Day.

URALCHEM to Education and Science

Support for educational institutions and projects is an integral part of URALCHEM’s social policy.

Azot Branch, in 2018, closely cooperated with a number of educational institutions, such as Berezniki Polytechnic College (BPC), Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNRPU) and its Berezniki Branch, and Berezniki Construction College. The plant supports the upgrade of equipment at educational institutions and awards personal scholarships for good academic performance and extensive scientific research. Branch experts assess academic programmes and chair boards of examiners. Azot Branch arranges orientation training and production placement for technical students; the best of them can become part of the team.

In 2018, Branch sponsored a festive event timed to coincide with the anniversary of PNRPU Berezniki Branch.

URALCHEM to Cultural Traditions

In 2018, URALCHEM provided further financial assistance to the Dzerzhinsky House Museum Support Foundation (Kirov region), established in 2016, the year of the 100th anniversary of state security bodies and the 140th birthday of their founder.

For the sixth straight year, Azot Branch organised and held the Himfest City Festival. A nice addition to it was the Festival Home featuring a series of master classes, a championship in board games and a house concert. Zveri, a popular Russian band, was Himfest’s headliner.

In addition, Azot provided assistance to a number of churches: the Church of Our Lady of Praise in Usolsky District of the Perm Territory, the Church in honour of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple (Romanovo, Usolsky district) and the Church of St Luka Voyno-Yasenetsky in Berezniki.

In 2018, VMF helped the Jerusalem church in Voskresensk purchase gas equipment and assisted the Krivyakino Estate cultural centre in publishing books about the construction of sulphuric acid production facilities and the evolvement of the Komsomol in Voskresensk.


As part of its charitable policy, the Company pays great attention to the development of various sports, including swimming, athletics, hockey, figure skating, football, judo and others.

In 2018, URALCHEM supported the Perm Swimming Federation hosting one All-Russia and 5 regional competitions. Swimmers of the Perm region team won 111 medals in total.

VMF became a partner of the Voskresensk Mile annual run and the Kolomna Gullies regional competition.

URALCHEM is also the general partner of the Kirov Region Swimming Federation. KCKK Branch supports children's schools for hockey and figure skating and assists in organising and holding competitions in Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, football and swimming in Kirovo-Chepetsk.