Dmitry Mazepin took part in the conference NTI 2.0 Reboot

Dmitry Mazepin took part in the conference NTI 2.0 Reboot

Dmitry Mazepin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of URALCHEM, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uralkali, member of the Bureau of the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) spoke at the National Technology Initiative (NTI) conference on the new markets development. The event was attended by public figures and business representatives.

Prospective NTI markets are distributed in areas ranging from aircraft systems to financial systems and medicine. URALCHEM has been developing smart agriculture for several years, developing new types of plant nutrition – segments of the FoodNet market – food of the future.

In his speech, Dmitry Mazepin noted the importance of paying attention to the search for new effective sources of food raw materials and the creation of resource-efficient technologies for obtaining food. "As fertilizer producers, we are at the beginning of the food production chain. And we are well aware of how serious a technological leap the planet needs. After all, we have not only to feed all those in need, but also to provide high functionality of nutrition that meets the real biological needs of a person," – Dmitry Mazepin explained.
He added that URALCHEM is actively looking for new ways to solve the food problem within the framework of direction of “New businesses”, supports the Competition Accelerator “URALCHEM – element of growth” and cooperates with “Digital Agro”, which offers digital services and software for farmers.

The National Technology Initiative (NTI) is the long-term program for creation of the new markets and providing conditions for technological leadership of Russia by 2035. The task of creating was set by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on December 4, 2014, in his Address to the Federal Assembly.