Uralchem and Sber to cooperate in the field of ESG

Uralchem and Sber to cooperate in the field of ESG

Uralchem, ​​JSC and Sber signed a letter of intent for cooperation in the field of ESG. During the 24th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the document was signed by Andrey Shemetov, Senior Vice President, Head of SberCIB, and Igor Bulantsev, First Deputy CEO, Director for Economics and Finance of Uralchem, ​​JSC.

Within the framework of the agreement, Sber and Uralchem, JSC are going to interact in the following areas: organizing financing for projects of the company, its subsidiaries, and joint ventures that meet the criteria for “green” or sustainable financing; organizing corporate financing of the company in relation to indicators of “green” and sustainable development; reducing specific emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants; implementing joint social initiatives in the regions where the bank and the company operate; sharing best practices in ESG reporting.

Andrey Shemetov, Senior Vice President, Head of SberCIB:

“We have been cooperating with Uralchem for many years, and with the signing of this agreement, our cooperation is entering a new phase. One of Sber’s tasks today is to become a driver of decarbonization of the domestic economy. Therefore, using our technologies and competencies, we systematically help the largest business in the country to implement sustainable development practices. This agreement confirms the seriousness of our intentions and the determination of Uralchem to minimize its impact on the environment and carry out an ESG transformation.”

Igor Bulantsev, First Deputy CEO, Director for Economics and Finance, Uralchem, JSC:

“We always thank Sber for the support it has been providing us for several years. Our cooperation is based on a long-term perspective and the signing of an agreement with SberCIB confirms this. The ESG business is still fundamentally new for many Russian companies, including Uralchem, but it becomes almost impossible to compete on the international market without sustainable development principles. We are glad that SberCIB has become our partner in this area. I am confident that their technologies and tools will help us achieve high results in the domestic market and compete with foreign companies abroad.”


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