Uralchem and Innopraktika to cooperate in the field of agricultural technology

Uralchem and Innopraktika to cooperate in the field of agricultural technology

The non-state development institution Innopraktika and Uralchem, JSC signed a cooperation agreement. The formal announcement of the beginning of interaction, the exchange of documents and a working meeting took place on June 3 at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum at the joint stand of Uralchem ​​and Uralkali.

The main goal of interaction is the introduction of Russian new technologies in the agro-industrial complex (AIC). Uralchem ​​and Innopraktika intend to cooperate in the development of digital technologies, to participate in the preparation of the AIC development programs. The companies will improve the infrastructure necessary for introducing innovations in agriculture: they plan to equip several joint educational and scientific testing laboratories and create a system for the best practices sharing.

Under the terms of the agreement, Uralchem ​​will take part in the Innagro project initiated by Innopraktika back in 2020. Innagro is a program for testing biological products for the agricultural sector: biological plant protection products, biological fertilizers and growth stimulants, probiotic feed additives for animals and poultry. In 2021, Innopraktika is going to participate in about 500 tests of biological products for the agricultural sector in 20 regions of Russia. According to the agreement, Innopraktika will engage experts from scientific and educational centers who will take part in research, and Uralchem ​​will provide sites for testing and approbation.

Another aspect of cooperation will be the training of specialists for the agricultural sector. Uralchem ​​and Innopraktika will develop programs for the development of agricultural universities and customize existing educational areas. As a result, agricultural universities and colleges will offer practical knowledge in genetics, biotechnology, microbiology, and other disciplines in demand in the market. In order to advance the agro-industrial complex, the parties intend to organize contests and competitions for schoolchildren, students, and teachers.

Dmitry Mazepin, General Director of Uralchem, JSC, said,

“Uralchem is glad to cooperate with Innopraktika. We expect a lot from the development of technologies in the field of agribusiness, which will not only increase the competitiveness of our company and the Russian agro-industrial complex, but —most importantly — will create value for society in terms of preserving the environment and providing high-quality food products.”

The joint development of new technologies and educational programs is a priority for us and meets the main strategic areas of the company’s development.

“The agreement with Uralchem ​​is a landmark for the agricultural industry. One of the largest holdings in Russia participates in the development of agrarian education and the biologization of agriculture, the creation of environmentally friendly products using Russian innovations. We hope that through this cooperation, innovative solutions demanded by the market will be formed,” the first deputy general director of Innopraktika Natalya Popova commented.

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Innopraktika is a non-state development institution that implements projects aimed at the growth of national human capital, through the development of structures and mechanisms of an innovative economy and otherwise. The company has been operating since 2012 and unites the National Intellectual Reserve Center of Moscow State University and the Foundation for Support of Scientific and Project Activities of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists "National Intellectual Development". The founder of the Fund is Lomonosov Moscow State University.