Uralchem takes part in the meeting of the Russia-Nigeria Business Council at the RF CCI

Uralchem takes part in the meeting of the Russia-Nigeria Business Council at the RF CCI

The RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a meeting of the Russia-Nigeria Business Council. The participants discussed trade and economic relations between the countries, their goals and objectives, discussed plans for the fifth meeting of the Russian-Nigerian Intergovernmental Commission, and issues related to the preparation for the second Russia-Africa forum, and approved the candidacy of the Deputy Chairperson of the Business Council.

The event was attended by the Chairperson of the Russia-Nigeria Business Council, the Chairperson of the Uralchem’s Board of Directors, Dmitry Konyaev, Ambassador of Nigeria to Russia Professor Abdullahi Yibaikwal Shehu, representatives of business, government and public organizations of Russia and Nigeria.

During his speech, Dmitry Konyaev stressed that the global pandemic has a direct impact on international cooperation, and its further development requires new, non-standard approaches, measures and solutions. “Since March 2020, not only did the activities of the Business Council not stop, but continued to develop in many areas. Its representatives have taken part in numerous conferences, webinars, and meetings dedicated to cooperation between countries. An essential role was played by the establishment, maintenance, and development of practical interaction with specialized Nigerian partners represented by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Abuja and Lagos, the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry,” said Dmitry Konyaev.

The head of the Nigerian diplomatic mission, Abdullahi Y. Shehu, noted the importance of the work done by the Russian-Nigerian Business Council in the context of the development of economic relations between the countries, dwelled on the issues of trade turnover increasing, and also stressed that Nigeria has great potential and is open for Russian business.

At the end of September, Uralchem and Uralkali employees visited Nigeria and Ghana as part of the delegation of the Association of Economic Cooperation with African States (AECAS). The event was attended by a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, head of the Secretariat of the Russia-Africa Partnership Forum, Ambassador-at-Large Oleg Ozerov. During the business trip, meetings were held with representatives of government agencies and businesses of both West African countries.