Uralchem Takes Part in INNOFOOD

Uralchem Takes Part in INNOFOOD

Uralchem became the general partner of INNOFOOD, an international forum and exhibition of FoodTech and AgriTech innovations held in Sochi on September 19-20.

During the event, the Company presented alternative sources of nutrition, digital services for agriculture, and vertical farms. Uralchem’s representatives also took part in panel and round table discussions to address global food security and hunger issues. The forum’s main strategic session was attended by Denis Manturov, a Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Among the new developments presented by the Company was a pea isolate, a material boasting a unique composition and unmatched in Russia. The isolate is made by Uralchem Innovations and is already used in products of the healthy nutrition brand 5YES!. It is also available in retail outlets.

Uralchem also displayed the concept of CyberHectare, a digital service developed by Digital Agro. This platform incorporates the best digital solutions supporting farmers. In particular, it facilitates the exchange of information between agricultural producers and state authorities, creates an ability to trace products and fertilisers, store and analyse AgriTech data, and monitor spending from targeted financing programmes.

The development of innovations in the agricultural industry is an important activity for Uralchem. For instance, the Company is a leading implementer of FoodNet, one of the programmes in the National Technological Initiative, which envisages a series of measures for priority development of key technologies for the food market in Russia.

Dmitry Konyaev, Uralchem CEO:

Uralchem aims to be not just a producer of high-quality mineral fertilisers, but also a technology leader. The Company continuously transforms itself and adjusts its development strategy to meet global trends. In the future, Uralchem is ready to participate in the production of food from alternative sources, especially if it has a positive impact on the food security issue.