URALCHEM summarizes environmental activities

URALCHEM summarizes environmental activities

Moscow, July 20, 2015. In 2014, URALCHEM, OJSC invested 284 million rubles on ecological and environmental protection measures.

The main activities were a decrease in the level of emissions, improvement in the efficiency of water utilization, energy and resource-saving, as well as waste disposal.

One of the key objectives of the company in the field of energy and resource-saving is to increase the efficiency of resources used for production. In the reporting period, a plan of energy and resource-saving measures until 2019 was prepared to address this problem. In 2014, the enterprises rearranged the main technological equipment aimed at reducing the specific consumption of natural gas, electricity and at increasing output.

For the period until 2019, URALCHEM plans to invest 732 million rubles in the implementation of energy-saving measures.

Measures implemented in 2014 in URALCHEM Group have reduced the consumption of natural gas by 2%, water consumption by 3%, and emissions by 13.4% in comparison with 2013.

In 2014, the costs associated with the implementation of environmental protection measures of Azot branch of URALCHEM in Berezniki amounted to more than 140 million rubles. In particular, this has made it possible to bring into operation modern technological systems and cleaning systems, and to increase the recycling of industrial waste. In the reporting period, filter elements were exchanged for the purpose of reducing air emissions.

In 2014, the Mineral Fertilizer Plant of Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Works (Kirovo-Chepetsk) invested more than 50 million rubles in the implementation of an Environmental Management Plan. To improve the reliability of gas-cleaning equipment, the relevant systems were rearranged and air ducts, aspiration jumpers and coils were installed. The Plant continued to clean flood water bodies and groundwater, as well as upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities.

In 2014, Perm Mineral Fertilizers, OJSC invested over 93.5 million rubles in ecological programs. Under the program for air pollution control, gas cleaning equipment was repaired and filters were exchanged. The water circulation system of the enterprise was improved with the replacement of the equipment. A new system of syngas dehydration was deployed.

In 2015, the company plans to continue works for the rearrangement of gas treatment and ventilation systems, water circulation systems and cycles, and to optimize water treatment and activities for production and consumption waste disposal.