URALCHEM expands its own fleet of ammonia transportation tanks

<p><b>Moscow, Russia – 14 August, 2014. </b>In August, URALCHEM’s fleet of rolling stock increased by 100 new ammonia tanks. A financial leasing contract was signed by URALCHEM-TRANS (part of URALCHEM) and Alpha Leasing. The deal amounted to about 500 million roubles.</p>

<p>The leasing company was chosen on a competitive basis, which allowed URALCHEM to negotiate the best terms for the deal. The new tanks are to be manufactured by the Ruzaevsky Chemical Engineering factory (Ruzhimmash, part of the RM Rail group). URALCHEM-TRANS has long been using Ruzhimmash products. Currently, the company’s fleet includes 533 leased tanks by this manufacturer and another 76 rented.</p>

<p>Expansion of its fleet of ammonia tanks is in line with URALCHEM’s strategy to ensure the independence of its logistics chain. In particular, it is driven by the requirement to reduce its current dependence on leased fleets of other ammonia manufacturers. This allows the company to guarantee uninterrupted supply of raw materials and finished products. By following this strategy in 2012 to 2014, URALCHEM increased the proportion of its own ammonia tanks from 40% to 71% of the total number of tanks in its fleet. In total, URALCHEM’s rolling stock of ammonia tanks consists of 1700 ammonia tanks, of which more than 1200 are owned by the company.</p>