Riga fertilizer terminal has been opened at the Riga Port


Riga, 18 December, 2013. URLACHEM OJSC and RIGA COMMERCIAL PORT (Rīgas tirdzniecības osta, RTO) announce the completion of the construction and opening of a terminal at the Riga Port in Latvia for the handling and short-term storage of bulk fertilizers.

The terminal has been designed and constructed as part of a joint project by URALCHEM and SIA Rīgas tirdzniecības osta. The agreement was signed by the companies in 2009. The project was implemented by Riga Fertilizer Terminal Limited, 51% of which belongs to the URALCHEM holding company and 49% belongs to RTO. The total investment in the project was more than 60 million Euros. The capacity of the first phase of the terminal is 2 million tons of bulk cargo per year.

Dmitry Mazepin, Chairman of the board of directors of URALCHEM OJSC, commented on the opening of the terminal, “The construction of the terminal has been a good example of mutually beneficial cooperation between two countries, Russia and Latvia. This cooperation has made it possible to implement a large-scale infrastructure project within a short period and at a state-of-the-art level. At the same time, URALCHEM’s activities in Latvia are not only limited to business. During the past two years we have paid more than 260 thousand Euros to support various children’s programmes and schools in Riga. Working together with one of the largest charity funds in Latvia, we have financed medical treatment of seriously ill children. In all, we have been supporting cultural projects in the country for many years.”

Ralfs Klavins, chairman of RIGA COMMERCIAL PORT, said, “The Riga fertilizer terminal is one of the few terminals in the port of Riga where the cargo belonging to its manufacturer will be transhipped. This is an important factor for pricing policy and the economy as a whole. Direct supplies from the manufacturer to its own terminal allow delivery of cargo to the final recipient to be accelerated. Ships carrying fertilizers will go from Riga to South America, China, India, Europe, Australia and many other destinations.”

Dmitry Konyaev, General Director of URALCHEM OJSC, commented, “Today URALCHEM is a major player on the global fertilizer market, supplying its products to more than 60 countries. We deliver our export shipments by sea, so opening our own terminal will enhance the company's position in the global market and optimize our logistics flows, reduce transport costs and ensure greater flexibility to meet the demands of end consumers. At the same time, operations at the terminal will increase revenues going to the Latvian treasury and will help create new jobs. We believe that the new logistics centre will strengthen the position of Riga as a major European port and will enhance the development of the city as an important transit hub in Northern Europe.”

The terminal has been built using the most modern and environmentally friendly technologies and materials. It meets the most stringent EU requirements for safety and environmental impact. All cargo handling operations at Riga fertilizer terminal are carried out in enclosed facilities, completely isolated from the external environment.