Warning to current and potential customers of URALCHEM


Please note that at present, unknown persons impersonating authorized employees of the URALCHEM group of companies are taking steps to enter negotiations with current and potential customers of URALCHEM, ostensibly for the purpose of selling the chemical products produced by the us.

URALCHEM JSC officially declares that these actions are an act of unfair competition.

Sales of URALCHEMs’ products are carried out exclusively by the trading subsidiaries of URALCHEM JSC:

  • URALCHEM Trading House LLC - for Russia and CIS
  • SIA URALCHEM Trading, Riga - for foreign markets

URALCHEM confirms that the Company did not authorize any other companies and organizations to enter into contracts of sale on behalf of URALCHEM JSC or its affiliated trading companies.

In case you have any doubts or questions concerning the proposals or procurement contracts for the URALCHEM products, please don't hesitate to contact us: