URALCHEM has renovated a lecture hall in the Chemistry Department of Moscow University


Moscow, Russia – 26 April, 2013. One of the lecture halls at the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University has been completely renovated and re-equipped using funding provided by URALCHEM.

URALCHEM was responsible for both the financing and organization of all phases of the work, which ranged from architectural design and major repairs to the purchase of computer equipment and furniture. Repair work began in October 2012 and is now completed. Today, the renovated hall is a comfortable auditorium, seating 35 students and containing the latest laboratory equipment, computers, office and video conferencing facilities. The project costs were 5.2 million roubles.

URALCHEM and Moscow State University have been collaborating since 2011, since when the Department of Chemistry has set up special training programmes for the company’s employees. The training curriculum includes a 72-hour course for workers without any previous educational background in chemistry ("Chemistry for non-chemists"), and a 105-hour course for those who already hold college and university degrees in chemistry ("Chemical technology of inorganic substances").

Dmitry Konyaev, CEO of URALCHEM commented, "We attach great importance to our cooperation with the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University. It is the leading university in the country and whose graduates are sought after in many sectors of the economy. The quality of its education remains at a consistently high level. I am therefore pleased that our partnership is developing and I hope that our support will facilitate the maintenance of its high educational standards."

URALCHEM’s director of Human Resources, Svetlana Chekalova said, "I would like to thank the administration and staff of the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University for its cooperation. The Department’s teachers were very flexible in developing an academic programme that meets the needs of URALCHEM. We are a young company focused on development, and we are pleased with the desire for self-improvement shown by our employees. Since the beginning of our cooperation with Moscow State University, 236 workers from URLACHEM’s enterprises have already completed the courses. Our cooperation with one of the best universities in the country is helping to raise the professional level of our own people and is at the same time increasing the overall prestige of the chemist’s profession."

Igor Kotlobovsky, Vice Rector of Moscow State University said, "On behalf of Moscow University, I would like to thank URALCHEM for its support, which has allowed the Department of Chemistry to have state-of-the-art equipment installed in one of its halls. The room has been fully modernised, whilst preserving its historical facade and decorative ceiling mouldings. Classes can now even be held remotely, so, students such as URALCHEM’s employees will be able to be trained without leaving their workplace. The partnership between the university and URALCHEM shows how fruitful cooperation of science and business can be."