URALCHEM products pass round-robin tests in Sweden


Moscow, Russia - February 24, 2012. URALCHEM organized round-robin tests in one of the leading Nordic laboratories, Eurofins. On 8-10 February, company representatives delivered sample products to the Swedish laboratory for testing. During the tests, URALCHEM and Eurofin specialists  compared methods used by both laboratories. This will lead to unification of the 2 sets of methods, thereby allowing URALCHEM to prove the quality of the products that the company exports to Europe and, in particular, to Scandinavian countries.

The objective of such comparison tests is to verify the accuracy of the methods used at the company’s quality control laboratories. Laboratories in different countries use different analysis techniques to determine the composition of fertilizers; these differences may cause discrepancies in results and misrepresent the true content of nutrients in the product. Therefore, it is important that the methods used by authorized laboratories in key markets, produce the same results as the methods used in URALCHEM’s labs.

The company already has experience in round-robin trials. In 2011, cooperation with a leading laboratory in the UK, Salamon & Seaber, greatly reduced the number of discrepancies in the results from the analysis of products supplied by URALCHEM to the UK and Ireland. The company plans to continue its efforts towards unifying test methods with those used by other leading western laboratories.

Tatiana Grebennikova, Product Manager at URALCHEM, noted that the results of the tests in different countries will help to further standardize analysis methods used in the company’s laboratories. "We now have a better understanding of how accurate our methods are, and in discussions with our Scandinavian clients, we will be able to use the data from the reputable Eurofins laboratory. And what’s even more important I suppose is the fact that our partners and customers in the Nordic markets can be sure that our quality management procedures are up-to-date and entirely adjustable to European standards,” she said.