Salamon & Seaber tests confirm that URALCHEM’s methods of fertilizer analysis compare with those of EC Regulation methods


Lincoln, UK, 17 June, 2011, – URALCHEM, OJSC announces the successful completion of round robin tests of the company’s fertilizer carried out by Salamon & Seaber, one of the leading UK analytical laboratories, with the participation of URALCHEM specialists.

The main objective of the product sample analysis was to compare the results obtained by applying the methods used in URALCHEM laboratories for quality control to those used by Salamon & Seaber. The test results have proved that the methods certified by Rosstandard (the Russian Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology) for the analysis of mineral fertilizers fully compare with their European counterparts. Thus, British buyers now have confirmation that URALCHEM product specifications accurately reflect the content of minerals and that the risk of discrepancies in the results when determining the composition of the company’s fertilizers is minimal.

Alexey Strakhov, Commercial Director of URALCHEM, OJSC said: "Buyers in the UK and Ireland trust the local laboratories that analyze various agricultural commodities – from fertilizer to grain and feed – using the traditional methods adopted in these countries. Reaffirming our commitment to a long-term strategy in the UK market, we decided to conduct joint tests of our product in the Salamon & Seaber laboratory, which has been recognized by the trade for more than 100 years. The results of these tests will further strengthen consumers’ confidence in the quality of our products."

URALCHEM laboratory experts and Salamon & Seaber analysts have agreed to continue their cooperation, which will ensure that the quality of URALCHEM fertilizers will meet the future demands of its customers.