URALCHEM increases its transportation and logistics potential


Moscow, 4 May 2011 – URALCHEM-TRANS, LLC (one of URALCHEM Group companies) (hereinafter – “Company”) purchased 100 new hopper-cars for mineral fertilizer transportation (mineral wagons) manufactured by Bryansk Machinery Plant. There is a plan to increase the number of Company’s own mineral wagons by 300 units to have the total of 900 mineral wagons. Following that, the Company’s car fleet will consist of 5.8 thousand various wagons both rented and owned by the Company.

Sergey Momtsemlidze, the Director of URALCHEM-TRANS, LLC said: “Increased production volumes at URALCHEM’s enterprises and the necessity to replace worn-out rented wagons required extra mineral wagons to be purchased. In addition, we plan to gradually increase the share of wagons owned by the Company in our car fleet.