Uralchem took part in IFA annual conference


From 31 May to 2 June top managers and specialists from Uralchem, OJSC took part in 78th IFA conference in Paris. This conference was notable for the record number of participants. IFA has the total of around 525 members in over 85 countries.

Annual conference is the IFA general assembly and the key platform where representatives of fertilizer producing companies meet. Gas prices and food security have become key issues to be discussed at the conference.

First session of the annual conference was opened by Ajay Shriram, IFA President. He noted that today mineral fertilizer industry plays crucial role in supporting the production level in developed countries. Mr. Shriram said: “2009 and its gloomy results are now behind us, so this would be a good time to focus on the fertilizer industry’s support for innovation and development in agriculture”.

Dmirty Osipov, Chief Executive Officer of Uralchem, OJSC took part in the conference. He said: “High prices for the products of agriculture at the international market stimulated commercial agriculture in Russia, including a number of bio-fuel crop projects. In the longer term we expect growing demand for the products of agriculture with mineral fertilizer supplies to be the key condition of the growth”.

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IFA members come from all types of businesses in production and sale of all types of mineral fertilizers, related raw materials and intermediate products. Members of the association also include fertilizer-related agricultural research and education organizations. This conference is a great opportunity to communicate with top managers of the largest fertilizer producing, selling and purchasing IFA member-companies. Dmitry Mazepin, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of URALCHEM serves as Vice-President of the International Fertilizer Association in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.