URALCHEM completes agronomic trials of new fertilizer products


URALCHEM OJSC (“URALCHEM” or “the Company”), one of the largest producers of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers in Russia and the CIS, today announced that it has successfully completed agronomic efficiency trials of calcium-ammonium-nitrate (CAN) and calcium-nitrogen-sulfate (CNS) products developed by the Company. These nitrogen fertilizers were developed at the Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Plant (“KCCW”) in Russia in 2005.

KCCW conducted trials of these fertilizers during 2008 and 2009 on wheat and barley, two of the most common crops grown in the Central and Volga Federal Districts of Russia. The tests were performed by URALCHEM’s consulting agronomists together with scientists from the N.V. Rudnitsky North-East Agricultural Research Institute.

The scientists compared the agronomic efficiency of these two types of nitrogen fertilizers (i.e., how well the fertilizer’s nutrients are absorbed by crops) with the ordinary ammonium nitrate.

The trial application of CNS fertilizers has demonstrated the increase in yields of wheat by 2.6 centner per hectare, whilst the application of CAN increased the yield of barley by 5.8 centner per hectare.

Overall, the trials have demonstrated that the two new types of nitrogen fertilizers developed by UralChem promote better plant growth and development, and help to improve crop yields. URALCHEM has been supplying both CAN and CNS fertilizers to Europe, including the Scandinavian countries, the United Kingdom and Germany since 2005.

Notes to Editors:

Calcium-ammonium-nitrate (CAN) is a physiologically neutral fertilizer, which contains nitrogen and calcium. It is widely used in many countries of Western Europe and recently in Russia. It also contains mineral calcite, which acts as a neutralizer of the physiological acidity of ammonium nitrate. Calcite helps the absorption of other nutrients, particularly nitrogen, as well as assists in the development of a stronger straw in crops and a firmer skin in plants, improves the color and quality of tubers, roots and fruits, thus helping to minimize losses of agricultural produce during the storage.

Calcium-nitrogen-sulfate (CNS) is a relatively new type of fertilizer. It contains nitrogen, calcium and sulfur. Sulfur improves the mineral nutrition of plants and determines the level of protein content and its qualitative composition in the plant.