URALCHEM, OJSC has presented a new sulphur containing fertilizer - ASN


On 18 December, 2008 in London, Great Britain a panel discussion took place in the Farmers Club. During the conference, URALCHEM made a successful presentation of the new product – ASN – for the key representatives of British agrochemists community.

ASN production has recently been launched at Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Works. The fertilizer has no analogues in the whole world.

The new fertilizer has a unique characteristic – it is able to activate phosphorus which has accumulated in the soil over the years as a result of recurrent application of phosphorus fertilizers. Some of the nutrients cannot be absorbed and accumulate in the soil.  ASN transforms these into a soluble form which can easily be absorbed by plants. This is a vital feature under the conditions of high phosphorus fertilizer prices.

The sulphur component increases the gluten content in grain; this characteristic makes grain crop farming more effective and increases the quality of grain. Optimum combination of nutrients in one granule provides complex nutrition for plants and makes it possible to desist from blending.

The product has already been presented in Tatarstan, Tumen Region and Nizhniy Novgorod Region in Russia – these regions are URALCHEM’s traditional consumers. Tatarstan farmers expressed appreciation of the quality of URALCHEM’s ASN as well as the possibilities for future application on local soils for wheat, Tatarstan key agricultural product.

First presentation of the new ASN fertilizers was held in the beginning of December, 2008 in Vilnyus, Lithuania, in the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. Lyudmila Tripolskaya, Doctor of Science for the Lithuanian agricultural university said: "We believe that URALCHEM’s ASN fertilizers will fill the deficiency of nitrogen and sulphur in Luthuanian soil and will maintain the high standard of agriculture in the country due to their high quality".