Heads of a number of Russian regions sent letters of gratitude to Dmitriy Osipov, CEO of URALCHEM


Kirov, Tumen, Sverdlovsk, and Perm region heads as well as heads of the Udmurtian Republic and the Republic of Tatarstan expressed their gratitude to URALCHEM’s management for “stable and timely supplies of mineral fertilizers to agricultural producers” in these regions.

“I would like to express my gratitude for timely supplies of fertilizers at the agreed rates to agricultural producers for the season of spring field works 2008. It was a significant support for the agricultural sector in our region” – says Nikolay Shaklein, Kirov area Governor in his letter of gratitude.

Valeriy Sukhikh, Head of Perm region government notes in his letter that URALCHEM’s mineral fertilizers supplies “increase the efficiency of agricultural industry of the Kama region and improve the welfare of the region itself”. In addition, the Governor admitted that the Company “contributed a lot to preservation of the environment and efficient use of natural resources”.

“Mineral fertilizers produced at the enterprises of your Company are in demand by the workers of agricultural industry in Tumen region” – Leonid Bakashev, Head of Agricultural Industry Department  in Tumen region says in his letter.

Representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture in the Republic of Tatarstan note that URALCHEM’s production was delivered exactly on time”. “Same as in previous years, the work of your enterprises commands respect and ensures further cooperation to secure development of agriculture in the Republic of Tatarstan” – Marat Akhmetov, Minister of Agriculture in Tatarstan summarizes in his letter of gratitude.