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Uralchem is the first overseas company to achieve full FIAS accreditation - the guarantee of safety, security and traceability within the fertiliser supply chain.
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Uralchem is the first Russian company to become full members of the AIC.
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NPK 24:6:12

Highly efficient complex fertilizer containing readily available nitrogen and supplementary phosphorus, potassium and sulphur.

Very efficient as a spring top dressing fertilizer, especially for grassland, fodder-crops and winter cereals. Suitable for all soil types.

NPK 24:6:12 (NPK 24:2.5:10) is available in bulk or big-bags (500-1000 kg). Should be stored under cover.

Technical specification
Quality characteristics Reagent grade
1. Appearance Granules of greyish-pink to light brown color
2. Total nutrient content, min. 39%
3. Total nitrogen (N) 24±1%
4. Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5):

P2O5 available, 2.5% (6±1%)

P2O5 water-soluble, min. 1.2% (3%)
5. Water-soluble potassium K (K2O) 10±1% (12±1%)
6. Moisture content, max. 1%
7. Granulometric composition:

under 1 mm, max. 1%

3.15-4 mm, min. 25%

2–5 mm, min. 95%

under 6.3 mm 100%
8. Granule static strength, min. 3 MPa

Note: Product is treated by anti-caking additives.

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NPKS 27:6:6:2
(NPK 27:2.5:5)

Spreader Calibration


Our fertilisers were tested by main spreader producers and showed excellent spreading characteristics. Spreaders should be properly calibrated and maintained prior to use. You may find more information on spreader settings on the relevant manufacturer websites:



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