Responsible Care

In December 2009, URALCHEM joined the international Responsible Care program. Responsible Care is a large-scale initiative of chemical industry representatives aimed at the improvement and upgrading of health, safety and environmental protection, and targets the improvement of products and manufacturing processes. The UN Environment Program (UNEP) approved Responsible Care as a program that ensures the sustainable development of companies and the chemical industry as a whole.

The Program implementation will promote the sustainable development of the Company’s subsidiaries, and provide access to international experience in the field of industrial and environmental safety. The introduction of the best international practices of Responsible Care will promote an increase of competitive ability, energy efficiency improvement, the strengthening of occupational safety, and the minimization of risks during chemical transportation and storage.

From the time of its incorporation, URALCHEM has been promoting a responsible attitude to HSE aspects in all of its operations. The Company introduced the policy related to natural resource use and environmental safety, in accordance with which URALCHEM subsidiaries implement a complex program of actions aimed at the eventual reduction of ecological stress and ensuring the environmental safety of operations. These are actions related to the commissioning of modern process units and systems of industrial waste treatment and disposal, as well as the reclamation of their storage sites.

The Company pays close attention to the issues of operational safety, the creation of safe labor conditions for the Company employees, and the protection of the health of people living in the areas where the Company subsidiaries operate. To achieve these objectives, the Company has implemented a number of actions concerning commissioning of the modern systems, thus ensuring operational safety and reducing the risk of emergencies.