Uralchem does not operate within or in the immediate vicinity of specially protected natural areas. In order to protect and preserve biodiversity, the Company implements compensatory measures, for example, stocking water bodies with fish. In the future, the Company plans to assess biodiversity in the regions of its operations.

Uralchem actively participates in tree-planting programmes. In 2021, the Company supported the “Save the Forest” national campaign, where employees of the KCKK Branch took part in planting about 4,000 two-year-old pine seedlings.

Every year, since 2018, the KCKK Branch has been running the “Good Sprout” campaign for planting trees near the city's Cultural Development CentreCentre. Traditionally, employees of the plant, members of the city duma, and representatives of the Kirovo-Chepetsk administration and educational institutions take part in the initiative.

In 2021, Uralchem launched the “Oxygen Release” environmental flash mob for its employees. To participate, they need to plant seedlings of trees or shrubs, take a photo or video and post it on social media.