Occupational safety and health is not only about strict adherence to legal requirements. The life and health of real people underlie each safety rule. We are aware of all the dangers of our production and take responsibility for the life and health of each our employee.

Uralchem ​​is continuously improving its occupational health and safety management system. Our facilities comply with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 and have corresponding certificates. External audits of the management system are carried out by independent international certification bodies.

In order to achieve the goals set in the ESG Strategy, the Company consistently improves and develops the OHS management system, provides a safe and favorable environment for all employees, continuously implements a set of measures to prevent injuries, accidents, fires, and incidents, including through risk management, and engages employees in developing a safety culture at its facilities.

Key indicators

Our strategy

The Company complies with all health and safety requirements and obligations and carries out comprehensive work to eliminate risks in order to prevent injuries and protect employees’ health.

Uralchem’s strategic goal ​​is zero injuries and accidents at hazardous production facilities.

To achieve this goal, the Company has been implementing a five-year health and safety development strategy since 2019, which incorporates the Company’s experience from 10 years of accident analysis.

In 2022, several initiatives were successfully implemented, including:

  • implemented a process-based approach to audits and analysed their results;
  • improved the efficiency of several processes, including OHS management (through committees), occupational safety training system, medical examinations, and operational control;
  • implemented new processes, such as recording and addressing first aid injuries, and conducting a special assessment of working conditions.

Our documents

Uralchem maintains internal documentation in accordance with legal requirements and constantly develops new safety standards. The Company has the following occupational health and safety standards and regulations:

  • Regulations on the Health & Safety Management System
  • Regulations on the Health & Safety Committees
  • Regulations on the Health & Safety Incident Reporting
  • Regulations on the Health & Safety Requirements to Contractors
  • Regulations on the Safety of Gas Hazard, Fire Hazard and Repair & Maintenance Works
  • Regulations on Risk Management in the Health & Safety Management System
  • Regulations on Internal Investigations of Occupational, Fire and Industrial Safety Incidents