URALCHEM Completed Upgrade of VMF Phosphoric Acid Shop

URALCHEM Completed Upgrade of VMF Phosphoric Acid Shop

Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers JSC completed the work aimed at the increase of phosphoric acid production.

An additional vacuum-evaporator installation (VEI) was commissioned in wet-process phosphoric acid shop № 3 (WPPA-3). Its inclusion in the process chain will allow for an increase in the shop’s production rate from the current 160,000 tons to 180,000 tons of pure acid (p. a.).

Upgrading this division was the next step in the program for the increase of the fertilizer’s production rate that was implemented in the Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers (VMF) plant. Phosphoric acid is the main intermediate product for both traditional phosphorous and compound fertilizer (MAP and NPK) as well as water-soluble agricultural chemicals and fertilizer mixtures, which are deemed premium segment fertilizers.

Work on the WPPA-3 upgrade started in March 2016 and finished at the end of June 2016. During this period, a site was prepared for a new unit, and detailed documentation was developed. A contractor and the company’s involved departments installed the VEI, did the piping, pressure tested it, and installed the measurement and control equipment.

“The upgrade of WPPA-3 may become an example of a perfect investment project—all work was performed exactly in due time and in accordance with the approved budget. The investment of 59 million rubles is expected to be paid back by the end of this year already. One of the Russian design institutions that was a candidate for the contract evaluated works costing as high as 3.5 million euros. We managed to optimize the expenses significantly through efficient planning and use of the components that were already available. The performed upgrade will allow for an increase in the annual processing of apatite—the main raw materials for fertilizer production—by 55,000 tons,” commented Valentina Kolodinskaya, director of URALCHEM Project office.