In connection with the Ameropa AG press briefing in Zurich on October 27, 2015, URALCHEM JSC hereby officially announces that the information in the briefing materials is not true.

URALCHEM considers the statements made during the event by Andreas Zivy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ameropa AG, about causing damage to his company's investments "as a result of numerous violations by the Russian Federation of the norms of Russian and international law" to be false. These statements are intended to mislead the public and put pressure on the investigation.

URALCHEM JSC is a minority shareholder in Togliattiazot JSC. Following an application made by URALCHEM, law enforcement agencies are currently investigating large-scale embezzlement during export operations, which was committed at Togliattiazot in the period of 2008 through 2011, as a result whereof, the company sustained injury in the amount of more than 550 million us dollars. Also subject to investigation are events of unlawful alienation of valuable production assets from the enterprise in favor of offshore vehicles. These actions caused significant damage to the company, its minority shareholders, and the state.

URALCHEM JSC is interested in a thorough and objective investigation of all offenses committed at Togliattiazot, bringing the perpetrators to justice, and ensuring compensation for damage caused to the company.

Mr. Zivy's false accusations of a raider attack on Togliattiazot and black PR-campaign, allegedly organized by URALCHEM JSC are misleading and injurious to the business reputation of our company. URALCHEM JSC reserves the right to seek protection of its business reputation by all legal means and to bring to justice those responsible for the dissemination of false information including recourse to the judicial authorities.