New appointments at Uralchem

New appointments at Uralchem

Uralchem announces about personal changes in its management. Starting from May 12, 2021, Dmitry Mazepin took over the position of Chief Executive Director of Uralchem JSC.

Dmitry Mazepin, the CEO of Uralchem JSC:

“A fundamentally new stage in the development of Uralkali and Uralchem has begun, which is designed to give synergy to our joint work, reduce operational and organizational costs and increase the efficiency of the management unit. Today, the mere presence of plants for the production of mineral fertilizers is not a sufficient advantage in the global competitive environment. To maintain a leading position, it is necessary to create a range of services that are convenient for customers, satisfying and even anticipating the operational requests of the consumers. We also face serious climate challenges: our companies face a major transformation to reduce the carbon footprint of both manufactured products and the use of fertilizers in agriculture. And I am ready to accept these challenges of the time personally. Our traditional business is being modernized and I would like to lead these changes to ensure an effective strategy for the long-term growth of Uralchem and Uralkali. Returning to direct control of the entire chain of operations will allow me effectively and as quickly as possible to join forces to promote Russian fertilizers on the world stage, as well as to form a convenient platform for providing a full range of agrotechnical and climate-neutral services in the Russian market”.

Dmitry Konyaev, who previously held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uralchem has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uralchem.