Uralchem Launches an Afforestation Project

Uralchem Launches an Afforestation Project

Uralchem (the Company), in collaboration with the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology and the Green Civilisation environmental resource centre, launched a pilot project to plant protective forest belts.

Stage 1 of the project is being implemented in the Labinsky district of the Krasnodar Region (Russia), where over 15,000 oak, hazel and ash seedlings were planted on three plots with a total area of 7 hectares. A study will then be conducted to determine carbon absorption and capture, and to measure certain characteristics of different plant species in conditions of a moderately continental climate.

In collaboration with its partners, Uralchem is developing an integrated approach to process planted wood, calculate how much carbon is captured in finished wood products, and evaluate the use of wood as a substitute material in construction and waste management.

Mikhail Genkin, Uralchem Director of Strategy:

We expect the global climate community raise its interest in offset projects to capture CO2 from the atmosphere, and so we will continue our activities in this direction.

Elena Eskina, Uralchem Chief Sustainability Officer:

Climate-related tasks require new non-conventional solutions. The implementation of climatic forest initiatives like this project aims to achieve common goals in reducing the human impact on climate change. In the future, this initiative will help absorb significant amounts of greenhouse gases and store bound carbon.

You can learn more about Uralchem’s forest project here.