Riga Fertilizer Terminal ships two million tons


18th February, 2015 – Riga, Latvia. Riga Fertilizer Terminal, which is the private terminal of URALCHEM in Riga, has shipped two million tons of production since the start-up in the middle of February 2014.

Riga Fertilizer terminal began its work in December 2013 and was able to quickly complete the start-up operations. Since the launch of the terminal it has already transshipped to 106 vessels of various tonnages. The two-millionth ton was the ammonium nitrate produced at the URALCHEM’s plant – KCCW MFP – in the city of Kirovo-Chepetsk. The vessel «Yuilia» delivered the cargo to the coast of Chile in South America.

The coordinated work of all terminal services allows the loading ships of up to 55 thousand tons in a short period of 2-4 days. With this, in July 2014, the terminal set the first record – it transshipped 250 thousand tons on 11 ships. Overall, in 2014, the terminal shipped 1.71 million tons of products.

Investments in the terminal construction amounted to more than 60 million euros. The presence of its own transshipment facilities is aimed at solving the strategic objective of the company to ensure the safety of logistical supplies. By controlling the supply chain, URALCHEM is able to guarantee delivery of goods to final customers, as well as reduce transportation costs. In the future, involvement of its own port terminal will provide considerable reserves to improve the efficiency of URALCHEM’s logistics group.