URALCHEM wins silver at the SAP Quality Awards 2015 CIS

URALCHEM wins silver at the SAP Quality Awards 2015 CIS

December 17, 2015 – Moscow, Russia. URALCHEM, JSC won the silver prize at the SAP Quality Awards 2015 CIS for its projects introducing the SuccessFactors system in the nomination category Advanced Technologies. The competition has been held annually for the last eight years by SAP, a global company specializing in the development of corporate applications.

In 2015, 200 projects were considered in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) competition, in which the work of over 3.5 million users was automated. In addition to URALCHEM, other winners and prize takers included such companies as SIBUR Holding, Lenta, Alrosa and Sberbank.

In 2013, URALCHEM was the first Russian company to introduce a full scale automation platform for the SuccessFactors talent management processes. This platform is a leader in the world’s specialized software rating and has already established itself by being applied by such global companies as BP, Coca-Cola, and Siemens. It enables automation of in-built personnel management processes (setting goals, recruitment, training, succession, etc.), making them simpler, clearer and more transparent. Further, the platform supports the building and development of new personnel management processes, providing for learning and using global best practices (for example, verification of results within a performance management system). URALCHEM’s experience in the automation of talent management processes was presented by Svetlana Chekalova, HR Director of URALCHEM, at the SuccessConnect conference held in Rome:

“URALCHEM pays special attention to talent management processes and, in view of the large number of initiatives, this work requires automation. We are a modern company developing advanced technologies not only in the production of mineral fertilizers, but also in managerial technologies and building effective processes, with subsequent automation applying cloud technologies on Russia’s servers. We may position ourselves as innovators, since our project was the first introduction of the platform in Russia. This was made possible by the company management’s orientation towards development and cross-functional interaction of lawyers, IT and HR specialists in the adaptation of SuccessFactors to Russia’s market conditions. Russia’s ten largest businesses have already visited us to adopt our experience in platform introduction.”