URALCHEM and Ziedot.lv Fund sum up the aid programmes for Riga schools and announce the start of the second phase of the program for ill children


Riga, Latvia – 4 October, 2013. URALCHEM and the charity fund Ziedot.lv today summed up the results of joint charitable programmes and announced the continuation of their cooperation.

The Riga schools assistance program launched in February 2013, when URALCHEM and Ziedot.lv entered into an agreement with two schools in the Vecmilgravis district of Riga. Under the agreement, URALCHEM agreed to provide funding of more than 70 000 lats (about 100,000 euros), to be equally distributed between the schools. With this money both schools equipped modern chemistry classrooms, purchased interactive whiteboards and other necessary equipment and furniture, and carried out general renewal and improvement works. In addition, one of the schools equipped its assembly hall and technology classroom, and the other school purchased new equipment for the kitchen. Fund Ziedot.lv provided organizational and administrative assistance with the implementation of the project. All the work was completed as planned. On 4 October, both schools held tours for specially invited guests and members of the media to show off the work that had been done.

At the event, URALCHEM and Ziedot.lv announced the start of the second phase of the joint programme of assistance for seriously ill children. Its first phase began in September 2012. URALCHEM paid 80 million euros to help seriously ill children who needed specific treatment or rehabilitation using leading Russian clinics. In the first phase, assistance was provided for 22 families with children who needed help in the treatment of conditions such as autism, visual recovery, cerebral palsy and developmental delay. URALCHEM’s financing covered the costs for accommodation and treatment in 13 different clinics in Russia, including leading hospitals such as the Children's Clinical Hospital in Moscow, the Bekhtereva Institute of the Human Brain in St. Petersburg and the Kirov Clinic of Ophthalmology in St. Petersburg.

The second phase of the program will ensure that help to seriously ill children continues. URALCHEM is to fund this phase to the amount of 80 thousand Euros. Ziedot.lv has already started selecting participants for the programme and the appropriate courses of treatment for them, based on the recommendations of doctors and parents requests for financial assistance. It is planned that 23 families will receive help during the second phase of the programme.

Dmitry Konyaev, CEO of URALCHEM, OJSC:

 “URALCHEM continues to follow its principles and support social and charitable programmes in the regions where the company has a presence. We started cooperation with the Ziedot.lv fund a year ago, initially helping seriously ill children and soon afterwards expanded our programme into assistance for schools. We can see that both of these programmes are being successfully implemented, bringing real benefits. We want to thank the Ziedot.lv fund and the schools authorities for their work and we are pleased to continue our collaboration.”

Ruta Dimanta, Head of the Fund Ziedot.lv:

“Fund Ziedot.lv is a long-established charitable organization in Latvia with a lot of expertise in solving real-world problems and providing its partners with confidence that their efforts will lead to positive changes. We are happy to work with URALCHEM and we are glad that our experience allows us to jointly achieve real results. We will continue to cooperate, making every effort to ensure that our projects stay successful.”


Iveta Stivrinya - Headmaster:

“We have completed all the planned work before the start of the school year and we are already seeing great interest in the new installations. For example, students like to take tests using the remote voting system with its immediately visible results. The newly equipped chemistry laboratory now allows students to perform a variety of practical work that was previously impossible. It helps to diversify the learning process, and children learn with great interest and pleasure. New desktops with special machines in the technology classroom are also very popular. Interest in renewed classrooms is shown not only by students, but also alumni of the school who participate in various clubs. We hold school events, drama and dancing clubs in the assembly hall with its new lighting and stage design systems. The concerts and other cultural events in the hall are attended not only by the students, but also by residents of the Vecmīlgrāvis area. Therefore, the work that has been done is important not only for our school, but for the entire district.”

Boris Antonov - Headmaster:

“The new chemistry laboratory will give a good impetus for laboratory work and chemistry research in school. The students’ interest in chemistry will increase, especially in high school. We expect that this will lead to good results at scientific competitions. In addition, the interactive whiteboards, projectors and colour printers have made it possible to conduct lessons on a modern, technical level. New equipment in the kitchen has come in handy already in July, during the National Song and Dance Celebration, and is now being actively used. The help from URALCHEM and the Ziedot.lv fund is a good example how support can be provided for educational institutions.”


Reference information

School №31 opened in 1952. It is located at 11 Skuyu St, Riga. The school has 50 teachers and more than 500 students. The teaching is conducted in Latvian. 

School №46 was founded in 1954. It is located at 28 Skuyu St, Riga. The school has 56 teachers and more than 500 students. The teaching is conducted in Russia. 


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