Urgent Message


URALCHEM has recently become aware of a person or a group of people referred to as Eurochemagro, OJSC having illegally taken possession of the contents of URALCHEM’s web site. As a result of this infringement, a separate web site was created at www.eurochemagro.org, where information on all URALCHEM’s assets, people and products is displayed in connection with the name of Eurochemagro.

Please note that URALCHEM is not aware of what Eurochemagro is and did not authorize it to act for and on behalf of our company, nor did URALCHEM participate in or authorize the creation of the referenced web site.

URALCHEM’s official agent outside Russia is SIA Uralchem Trading located in Riga, Latvia. Please feel free to contact us directly for any questions, detailed product information, catalogues, etc.

Contact Details:
tel. +371 673 881 00
fax  +371 637 881 01