MFP KCCW starts up a new water purification system


As part of the program to rule out sewage water contamination risks Mineral Fertilizer Plant of Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Works, OJSC (MFP KCCW, OJSC, one of URALCHEM Group companies) has put into operation a new system to neutralize alkaline and acid waste water.

New system will fully prevent hydrochloric and sulphuric acid, calcium, sodium, sulfite and chloride salts from going to the storm sewer system. It is worthy of note that the purification technology and equipment were designed by Vladimir Laptev, Head of Water Purification Sector at Workshop 71 and the company’s environmental team. Author of the invention explained: “First alkaline and acid waste waters go to separate containers, then it is being purified by a system of mechanic and sodium cation-exchange units, and then mixed again to neutralize each other. Suspended substance that comes to water supply point from the river is taken out to the specialized landfill as solid waste, and the water is supplied to the production units to prepare regenerant solution. No water can go to sewage systems as this is closed rotation”.

To collect waste water the company uses containers and alkali regeneration tank that have not been applied in the production process before. They are connected by pipelines that are equipped with sewage purification and mixing devices and pumps that send the water back to the production.

Top-managers at the branch of Uralchem Management Company at Kirovo-Chepetsk immediately approved Laptev’s unique solution. It took two months to assemble and prepare the system to be put into operation. So the company’s employees eliminated serious environment-related water pollution risk.

MFP KCCW constantly takes steps to decrease negative impact on the environment and rule out ecological risks. During the past month the company carried out complete overhaul of АК-72/2 nitrogen acid production unit and АС-72/1 ammonium nitrate and nitrogen-phosphate production unit, launched the program to reconstruct gas purification equipment, and carried out complete overhaul of workshop chemical protection system.