URALCHEM channelled more than 300 million RUB into ecological projects

URALCHEM channelled more than 300 million RUB into ecological projects

In 2015 JSC URALCHEM channelled more than 300 million rubles into ecology-related campaigns compared to 284 million rubles in the previous year.

The company’s activities in this area are focused mainly on reducing the pollution level and increasing the efficiency of water use and wastewater disposal, as well as waste management.

Last year, the expenses of the Azot branch (Berezniki) regarding environmental protection measures amounted to more than 82 million ruble, which made it possible to modernize the turbine combustors in the weak nitric acid shop and replace the filter elements on the units in the ammonium nitrate shop. Moreover, measures were taken to reduce the volume of wastewater discharge.

In 2015 at the KCKK branch (Kirovsk-Chepetsk town) more than 107 million rubles were channelled into environmental campaigns. These costs were spent on improvements to the reliability of the gas treatment systems, the modernization of the gas treatment systems, and the installation of automation systems. Greater emphasis was placed on the protection of water resources: during the reporting year cleaning involving the application of biological methods was continued in the water reservoirs and groundwater in the chalk tailings area, along with the clearance of Bobrovoe and Berezovoe floodplain lakes. Also, the water treatment plants, which can reduce the amount of sewage discharge and improve its quality, were put into operation.

Last year, the JSC Mineral Fertilizers (Perm) channelled more than 105 million RUB into environmental activities. Gas treatment systems were repaired, filters were replaced and the cooling tower was also repaired too in terms of the air protection program.

The environmental programs of Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers were resumed in 2015 with more than 6 million rubles being allocated for these purposes. A number of measures have been taken to protect water resources: clearance of the shoreline and No. 1 and No. 2 water intakes; and repair of the No. 1 water intake fish protection system as well as the water discharge system. For the purpose of the post-treatment of biologically treated wastewater the bioreactor filters were upgraded, and to improve the efficiency of the disinfection of treated sewage water a new rectifier for sodium hypochlorite solution was also installed.

Thanks to the programs executed in 2015 the Company’s branches achieved an 8% reduction in air pollution in comparison to 2014.

In the current year URALCHEM plans to continue the development of the gas treatment and ventilation systems, as well as the modernization of the water rotation systems and cycles, and the optimization of water treatment and waste treatment production and consumption.